Wireless Network Design & Installation

Wireless Network Design & Installation - ProvideWireless.com

Wireless Network Design & Installation,  it’s what our engineers have done for over 15 years.  Based in Knoxville, TN – ProvideWireless performs world-class wireless network design & installation services for the following uses:

  • Leased-Line Replacement – Substantially lower or eliminate your monthly fiber and T1/T3 costs.
  • High Speed Wireless Backhaul – 1Ghz and higher Point-To-Point Links (Wireless Bridges)
  • Indoor Cellular Reception – Does your business suffer from bad cell phone signal inside your building?  We can solve that.
  • Video Networks – IP Surveillance Cameras, CCTV networks, Broadcast Services, Depositions
  • VoIP Voice Networks – Connecting Phones, PBX systems to remote locations.
  • Medical Facilities – HIPAA Compliant Wireless – We’ve actually read the entire bill!
  • Educational Campuses – Robust and reliable wireless for your classrooms, auditoriums, and outdoor spaces.
  • Hotels & Resorts – WiFi is the #1 amenity for travelers.  Learn how we ensure a great experience
  • Marinas – Set your marina apart from the rest by providing outstanding wireless.
  • Airports – When passengers are traveling, they don’t have time to wait on slow wireless.  Make sure they’re not waiting by partnering with ProvideWireless.
  • Restaurants – When people rate restaurants, they lump the wireless experience and the food together.  We serve up the best wireless you’ve ever had.  The food is up to you.
  • Events and Venues – Whether your event has 100 or 10,000 visitors, we have the equipment and experience to ensure robust and reliable wireless for your attendees.
  • Campgrounds and RV Parks – When travelers have been on the road, they want to get to your site, check on loved ones and relax.
  • Manufacturing & Warehouses – With industrial machinery and RF challenges down every shelving row, a experienced wireless partner is a must for successful implementation.
  • Offices – Although there are no two businesses exactly alike, there are some fairly consistent things most business want for their networks.  Put our experience to work for you.