Indoor Wireless

Indoor Wireless networks have to deliver the coverage and speed you need for your business.  Where they differ are the security requirements, and the policies and procedures for your particular business.

  • Medical Facilities – Not only do we design a robust and reliable indoor wireless network to service your patients quickly, we meet HIPAA requirements and segment your traffic.
  • Cellular Reception – Does your business suffer from poor cell phone signal?  We can fix that.
  • Educational Campuses – The wireless demands of students are often the highest of any group.  Learn how we deliver the coverage, capacity, speed, and security of this demanding demographic.
  • Hotels & Resorts – The number one amenity of Hotels is WiFi.  A good experience often determines how a customer feels about the entire stay.
  • Restaurants – WiFi is such a desired amenity in restaurants, people often don’t separate the WiFi performance from the quality of the food they eat.  We’ll take care of the wireless, the food is up to you.
  • Airports – When passengers and personnel are in an airport, time is of the essence.  Waiting on slow wireless will ensure your airport is not a favorite of those traveling.  We make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Events – When you have 2,000 people in a convention center, amusement park, or concert area, careful planning and experience with the right equipment are the only things that will ensure the results you and your customers are looking for.
  • Manufacturing & Warehouses – With metal objects and machines emitting all forms of RF energy, warehouses and manufacturing facilities are some of the toughest environments to successfully deploy wireless.
  • Offices – Time is money.  When you have employees waiting on a slow internal network, it not only costs the business owner money, it frustrates the employee.  Learn how we can make both parties happy.