Airport Wireless

Airport Wireless РHow can you encourage better Public Relations for your airport?  Provide robust and reliable wireless throughout your airport.

  • Airport WiFi is consistently one of the highest ranked amenities among travelers, flight crews, and employees.
  • Business and vacation travelers alike want WiFi internet to make their time at the airport more productive and satisfying.
  • Our wireless deployment allows the airport management to promote your airport, post important messages, and even highlight advertisements to your travelers.
  • We establish family friendly wireless access that satisfies federal requirements and maximizes the utilization of your internet connection.

Deploy reliable and cost-effective WiFi that works across an entire airport in a few days, not months.

  • Our wireless equipment selection and configuration enables the best coverage, ensuring reliable, secure, and dependable WiFi across small (<10,000 square feet) to very large (>500,000 square feet) airport.
  • We offer the ability to offer wireless as an amenity, or switch on our a billing system and enable travelers to pay for the service by the hour, day, week, or month:¬† Meaning that our solution can pay for itself in months.
  • Our wireless deployments are efficient and effective, allowing you to swap out your existing, less reliable wireless network, for one that’s faster with better coverage, and less costly to manage.