Education Wireless

Education Wireless – Reliable WiFi internet for high school and university access.

  • We will design and install a wireless network for an individual school, university, or an entire school district.
  • We provide the content filtering for compliance with the CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) and the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
  • We provide robust, secure coverage indoors as well as outdoor wireless in all areas of your campus.
  • Our solutions work well for K-12 and university settings, including schools that want to manage their WiFi network across geographically dispersed branch locations.
  • Many universities deploy our wireless system in student housing as well as academic settings.

Our Education Wireless offerings are a perfect WiFi solution for schools with tight budgets.

  • Our equipment selection enables WiFi coverage at a fraction of competitive alternatives allowing to to provide secure and reliable school wireless to your students and administration.
  • Our solution is cost-effective, allowing you to swap out your existing, less reliable network, for one that has better coverage and speed and is less costly to manage.

Deploy reliable and secure WiFi network quickly

  • Our technology enables the best coverage, ensuring reliable, secure, and dependable WiFi. ┬áIf you have been frustrated with past WiFi deployments you will be amazed at how well our solution works.
  • Our technology and experience allow us to deploy a school WiFi system in a few days, not weeks or months.