Medical Wireless

Medical Wireless – When you need a robust, secure and reliable wireless network meeting HIPAA requirements, we have the experience you are looking for.

  • Unlike members of Congress, we have actually read the HIPAA legislation from cover to cover.  We cannot in good faith counsel our clients about a subject without understanding it.
  • HIPAA is about data privacy, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) is about data permanence.
  • Our medical facilities that are publicly traded meet both requirements.
  • The need for an outstanding network is a given.  This goes without saying.  The items we present here are for you, our potential customer to consider when choosing a partner for wireless networking.

Why shouldn’t our (in-house/outsourced) IT professionals install our medical wireless system?

  • Have they ever installed a medical wireless network before?
  • Has the installation been though an independent audit?  Including vulnerability and penetration testing?
  • Are they certified in deploying secure wireless?
  • Most IT folks are under appreciated, overworked, and loyal.  We always want them to know that we do not want their jobs.  That is why our company does not perform standard break/fix IT support.
  • We want employers and IT professionals to know they can always use us as a resource that does not have an agenda about taking work away from the company or the employee.