Restaurant Wireless

Restaurant Wireless – Didn’t they come here for the food and atmosphere? 🙂

  • Much like hotels, people now associate their overall experience at a restaurant with how well the wireless works.  Often during the course of the meal, patrons will want to display something they saw online to whomever they’re eating with.  Who can resist a funny cat video, right?
  • Give your patrons a wireless network that’s easy to sign on to, and is strong, fast, and reliable.
  • We offer family friendly content filtering (fulfilling the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act – CIPA) and also protect you as a business owner by blocking the illegal transfer of copyrighted materials (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – DMCA) on your public network.

Our reliable, secure and easy to manage indoor and outdoor restaurant wireless assures no new management headaches.

  • Our solution allows you and your staff to focus on making great food and not managing your wireless network.
  • Do you have multiple locations?  We can apply the same policies to 1 location or 1000.
  • Would you like your wireless to help you grow your restaurant’s social media presence?  We can have the internet connection automatically redirect to your website, Facebook, or a special offers page.