Warehouse Wireless

Warehouse Wireless – Warehouses and Manufacturing facilities have special requirements for wireless

  • When you install wireless in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, you have to check for potential RF (Radio Frequency) interference from the industrial machinery.
  • Because of the height where the wireless equipment is typically mounted, you have to ensure the access points (wireless equipment) don’t interfere one another (adjacent channel interference).
  • Due to the potential presence of so much metal (which reflects the wireless signal) and the rows of potential shelving and product (which blocks the wireless signal) within the warehouse, you have to know how to deal with deflection, diffraction, reflection, multipath, etc.  If you’re not sure what all those are, that’s why we’re here.

Warehouse Wireless – A great investment, deployed in days, not weeks

  • Our wireless solutions allow us to deploy a secure, reliable WiFi network in days… not weeks.
  • Our selected equipment enables the cost-effective coverage and speed you need.  We have worked with everything from wireless enabled fork trucks, barcode readers, to active and passive RFID.
  • Our solution is efficient and effective enabling business owners to swap out your existing, less reliable network, for WiFi that has better coverage, speed, security and less costly to manage.