Outdoor Wireless

Outdoor Wireless networks have the same expectation of reliability as internal networks, however they have the extra challenge of being exposed to harsh environmental conditions.  ProvideWireless designs Outdoor Wireless networks to service almost any need.  Here are a few examples:

  • Leased Line Replacement – Replace your leased fiber and T1 lines for a one time fee, or we will install a connection as a managed service.  This service is usually 70% less than your  monthly recurring cost.
  • Wireless Backhaul (Bridges) (up to 1Ghz and higher) – Extend your network where you need it (without trenching or stringing fiber) with wireless solutions specifically designed for high speed PTP (Point-To-Point) Wireless Bridging.  Backhaul for across the street or across town.
  • Video Networks – When you need video Broadcast networks, CCTV, or IP cameras for video surveillance without the expense or issues of trenching or stringing low voltage wiring.
  • VoIP Networks – Whether you have a few phones or need to connect multiple VoIP PBX systems together, we have the knowledge to address QOS (Quality of Service), Latency, etc for VoIP.
  • Campgrounds and RV Parks – Whether you are covering 5 acres or 500, penetrating the exterior of mobile homes or RVs requires serious experience, careful planning and excellent design.
  • Marinas – Provide a quality wireless network for your employees and guests in the harshest of marine conditions with our rugged equipment and seasoned installation experience.
  • Events and Venues – Make your next event stand out by offering reliable and robust wireless access.  We have supported events with over 10,000 visitors on our networks.

For outdoor wireless access points, we typically utilize equipment from Aruba, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Mimosa, Siklu, and Proxim.