Marina Wireless

Marina Wireless Р WiFi solutions allows visitors to stay connected by equipping marinas and ports with secure, reliable wireless internet access.  Our marine grade wireless gear withstands the harshest of environmental conditions, delivering fast connectivity and great coverage.

  • Offering wireless Internet access is essential with the proliferation of WiFi equipped laptops and mobile devices
  • Our WiFi allows visitors to your marina to download charts, check forecasts, or make reservations in restaurants and hotels at the destination port
  • With a WiFi system you can also promote your marina, post important messages, and even high-light local advertisements to your guests with a splash or welcome page

Deploy reliable WiFi that works across an entire Marina in a few days

  • Our wireless systems allow us to deploy a WiFi network in days… not weeks
  • We have reliable weatherproof outdoor WiFi, including solar powered WiFi devices that work extremely well in Marina environments’s marina wireless equipment is cost-effective and a great investment

  • wireless solutions will return the value invested in months. Offer WiFi as an amenity, or we can install an optional billing system that enables boaters and guests to pay for the service.
  •’s solution is so affordable; you can swap out your existing, less reliable network, for WiFi that has better coverage, speed and less costly to manage.