Wireless Partners

Wireless Partners – We partner with companies from almost every vertical market.  Use our expertise to help you win your next bid.  Here are just a few examples of the areas where we help our partners:

  • Security Industry – Connecting IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, Access Control Systems
  • Telephone Industry – Connecting IP phones, PBX systems, IP Paging
  • Telecommunications – We extend your network to places you cannot reach.  For example,  connectivity is terminated at a pedestal, we then install a wireless bridge to backhaul the connectivity to reach our partner’s customer.
  • Architecture – We work with architects at the design phase to determine the best location for access points and other in building antenna systems.
  • Construction – (Custom Residential and Commercial) – Our partners offer their customers pre-installed wireless solutions, separating themselves from the competition.
  • Home Automation – Our partners realize that the best Home Automation equipment doesn’t work well if connected to a poorly performing wireless network.
  • Signage Industry – Our solutions allow our business partner’s customers to remotely configure their electronic signage without the cost of monthly cellular costs or running fiber connections.

Our Wireless Partners Promise:

  • We are committed to this business long term and looking for the same in our partners.
  • We treat our partners like we would like to be treated, with respect and integrity.
  • When we commit to a price with you, we honor it.  If we didn’t quote it correctly, that’s our problem.
  • We don’t contact your customer unless you specifically ask us to.
  • If we create an issue, we’ll make it right.  Period.